xix. Torches Guide Them Home

When Seven and Eva reached Bane House—the garden-lights were still on—providing welcome torches to guide them the last hundred yards to the front door.

Seven stopped by one of the dragon sculptures—and before Eva knew what he was doing, he was bent down on knee.

“Oh my God …” she began—voice cracking—heart instantly now pounding.

Looking up he asked her right out:

“Eva, hun … Will you marry me?”

“Oh, Seven … Yes, yes of course I will marry you … I love you so much—YES!!!” she exclaimed. They embraced—and he spun her about a few times.

“Close your eyes now,” he said.

Her long lashes so intertwined.

“Okay now hold out your hand.”

He put his in hers—and he said:

“Now relax, open your mind up …

“Feel a cool breeze on your cheek—as your eyes grow heavy—and picture a very long ladder leaning way up the side of a thunderous, crashing waterfall …

“Feel your shoulders slowly getting heavier—as you grow used to the sound of my voice—and your spirit soon drifts away—as you ascend up to the rungs aloft …

“Now listen closely, you will remember only one thing about today … Wipe everything from your mind, but that we had a nice picinic―and that was all … Nothing else of interest happened today.”

She nodded in silent understanding.

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