xxii. Safe Under His Fox-Skin


Lingering Amour

For The Trees

xxii. Safe Under His Fox-Skin

Eva drifted off to sleep first―her demons having been temporarily exorcised by the sex―leaving Seven to be the one to lay full of worry in bed so wide awake.

Looking up through the skylight at the starry night’s firmament, where the dog star Sirius was now slipping by―he started to relax—when suddenly, a shrill wail rang out through the night—piercing his eardrums in waves of sonic arrows.

The skylight shone in a blue glow.

He heard a heartbeat quicken in his head―and he felt hot breath go dancing across one cheek. He knew She was here.

‘Lu-cky … … … L-u-u-u-cky … !!!’

He bolted upright in bed—brow suddenly flushed—blood pumping on high.

Eva rolled over in her slumber—and just then the singing suddenly faded away.

The blue light vanished—and Seven was left feeling no chance for sleep again.

He stepped into an adjoining alcove, to a night-table and rocking chair, where he lit a tall candle and attempted to relax.

His thoughts swirled around Faye—and whether She would ever really let them leave French’s Forest together alive.

She was now aware of their presence—and so he knew it would only be a matter of time to the end. She would stalk them in Her trademark hunt—coldly calculating the tack of Her prey—before finally cornering and pouncing upon Her bloodmeal. She savored the long hunt.

Indeed, it seemed that the undead lusted without end—for no matter how far he traveled—nor matter how long he stayed away from French’s Forest—She was always there waiting for him—calling him back—reminding him of who he was—and why his heart lingered in the past.

Even if it was a thousand years from now—he suspected that She might still be found lurking about those woods—singing: ‘Lucky … L-u-u-u-cky … L-u-u-u-cky …’

It turned his stomach to admit to himself that he liked the attention—but in his deepest honesty, he really truly did. It was a sharp pill to swallow poison as true.

Yet it was even clearer to him now that—if they survived this visit at all―he could never go back there—ever again—for as long as he lived—unto all eternity.

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