xxiii. Love Made Them A Magnet

xxiii. Love Made Them A Magnet

The clock flashed green 11:11 pm.

His mill of thought was just now letting up—as lids finally began to droop.

He curled up in the lap of the rocker, pulling the old fox-skin across his legs.

Owls hooted in the distance―as traffic droned by, from up on the highway.

They were the last sounds to slip through his head before he found sleep.

In his dreams, he awoke and found his way downstairs—where he heard a hooting outside. The owl was beckoning.

Looking out the picture window—he spotted a great wild-eyed one up in the highest limbs of the darkened wood fringe.

It blinked its green eyes thrice—then morphed into the Silverskin, crouching naked in the branches, glaring his way.

She hissed at him, through fangs of froth and frost, as he gasped, heart running amok. She had come for him.

She then shifted form again—this time into Her companion anaconda Draca—and after slithering down the tree into the grass—She began to snake across the lawn―on a hot bead toward Bane House.

Seven cursed, cutting behind the curtain—but he knew immediately that it was already too late. She had seen him.

Looking again—he saw Her reach the front walk―reverting into Her silver skin. She slithered with every slinky step.

Striding up to the picture window—She reached out to the glass with one black clawed hand, tapping it thrice fast.

The pane blew aglow in a blue fire.

Seven stumbled back from the curtains, struggling to catch his balance.

She smashed through the flaming pane. She wielded a wicked smile now.

He dove behind the couch—crawling off toward the hallway, scrambling madly.

She unsheathed Ierre, setting the room ablaze in a blue fire with each swing.

She leapt up to the ceiling and tracked Seven out now into the hallway.

Seven spotted her quickly catching up and broke into a running sprint now.

But she easily overtook him and dropped down hard on him—crumpling him to the floor—pressing his face flush against the stone floor—hissing in his ear:

‘Such a Lucky Boy … How you must have missed Me … Well, not to worry, I’m here for you now, Seven. I’m back baby.’

He struggled futilely. “Leave me alone, I don’t love You anymore,” he said. “I never really loved You. You know that.”

‘Bah!’ She balked. ‘Such nonsense … I don’t know what to do with you sometimes. It is like you’ve voided Our memories together—dear Seven. Why have you blocked Me out of your life thus? Was it because I let you down? Did I not pay enough attention? Tell Me now, My love, so I may make sure it never happens again. We will never be separated again.’

Bewildered by the twisted nature of Her banter—Seven closed his eyes, pretending She was not there. But being a fixture of his dreams—Her powers were stronger than normal—as strong as his own mind imagined. He fed her spirit.

Out of frustration at his lack of response, however, She picked him up and hurled him across the kitchen table. He collided with the far wall, where he landed hard on the floor—curling up in the fetal position, desperately trying to mentally will this nightmare to wear out.

She stood over him now, cruelly playing with Her long black claws before his eyes, tormenting him with the sight of what would shortly be tearing him apart. She relished his terror, taking the moment to revel in his horror—bemused by his vulnerability, emboldened by weakness.

‘Did you really think I would not sense your presence here Seven? You lie to yourself so handily, when it comes to your heart. You know the truth. You know you brought Eva here to perish at My hands. You brought her here to DIE!’






“I did not mean to drag her into this … If you must have me, then let her go—and I will not resist You. I will be yours. You can have me for the rest of my life.”

‘BAH! I will suck her heart through her throat while you watch—and we will see how much you love it—and how much you love ME!!! You will finally see it now.

‘BAH-HA-HA-HA … BA-HA-HA-HA-HA … … … !!! You did it to her, Seven! You wished for this … !!! How does it feel? You wanted her dead! You hated her so.’

The next thing he knew, he heard birds chirping friskily in the trees—and looking around, he found himself back in the rocker now—safe under his fox-skin.

He stretched and yawned widely.

The bad dream quickly dissipated.

The clock flashed green 3:33 am.

The night had finally been swallowed up by the predawn—and he had hardly slept—except for one awful nightmare.

He heard Eva in the other room, tossing and turning until she fell quiet as a stone again. He sat there silently pensive.

Like always, he wished he could just wake her up, to keep him company—but he thought better of it, remembering it made them a magnet. It made Faye mad.

Faye would grow terribly jealous, he knew in his heart, and possibly try to intervene—but he had no choice, he had to show Eva how he truly genuinely felt.
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