xxxi. Tears Are Not Good Enough

xxxi. Tears Are Not Good Enough

Back in the present, Seven soon slowly started feeling tired again at last.

He mashed out his smoke and rolled back into bed, leaving the curtains wide open―submitting to a star-swollen slumber—unsure what time it was, other than knowing not long left to sleep.

He awoke twenty minutes on, in freshly glistening skin―amid heated thoughts over his dream sequences.

He ripped his covers aside and sat upright in bed. Eva did not stir in her slumber, thankfully peacefully at rest.

He snuck off to the bathroom to start a shower. All he could think about was Faye and it was seriously troubling.

Looking in the mirror, splashing cold water on his face—he worried that Eva was not safe here—either from French’s Forest—Lady Faye—or even from himself.

Indeed, the woods brought out the animal in him—and he knew that the longer they remained there, his vampire instincts would slowly take greater hold.

He might bite her in his sleep if he was not careful―or lead her into danger—if he was not watchful on his subconscious mind. Anything could happen over time.

But most worrisome to him now was the likeliness he would see Faye soon. Her foreplay had gone on too long to last, for he knew Her so well. She would show.

He showered, toweled―and dressed for the day. He crept down into the kitchen. He opened door to the morning.

Lifting the windowed screen door, he let crisp fresh air roll in, clearing his head at last. He breathed in deeply disturbed.

He stared into the breaking night, studying the shadow-torn edges of French’s Forest for a time. It was grim.

Some stubborn darkness still clung there, to the inner branches at the edges―but when the day finally turned, it would be fast and bright upon them then.

He began to grow uncomfortable with the imposing presence of the wood―and so he shut and bolted the door again—attempting to steady his breathing.

‘Lucky … Lucky … Lucky … … … …’

He closed his eyes, shaking his head. If only he could will Her to go away.

‘Lucky … … … !!! Lucky … … … … …’

He could feel her prying at his mind.

‘Yes … Seven … … Seven, yes …

‘Look inside you—and you will find Me there … Delve deep into your heart.’

He blinked once—and his eyes glazed over into a deep unconscious mindlessness. Her voice was too much.

Her presence now enveloped him.

‘Yes, Seven … Come to Me now …’

Beyond the strident cricket-song, he heard Her heartbeat—which served to quicken his own, being so close to Her now, like it was before—bringing him back. He felt himself fall back into lust.

He once more unlocked the door and started to step outside—when he remembered Eva. Finding his will again, he ripped himself from Faye’s clutches―darting back inside the house.

He locked the door and quickly stepped into the kitchen―where he bumped into Eva. He had not seen her.

“Shit!” he said, steeped in jitters.

“Are you okay babe?” she asked.

“You scared me is all,” he replied.

“I was standing here the whole time … Just watching you …” she said―winking at him. “Sure you’re okay?” she said, seeing him shake. “What is it?”

“Nothing … It’s nothing at all …”

“Did you see something out there?”

“No, no … I’m just a bit shook up.”

“But did you sleep at all last night?”

He shook his head, lowering brow.

“You had a nightmare didn’t you?”

He slumped in shame. It was a nightmare alright—and he had brought her into the heart of the web, under full knowledge of what risk he was taking on.

“I’m so sorry …” she said, taking his arm—hugging him close. “Just remember―at least you remember your dreams. All I ever get back is a black hole. Imagine living without yesterday.”

He smirked. “I do envy you for that, though, in a weird way. You can forget.”

She shrugged cutely—unexpectedly producing a present from behind her—offering it with a big smile. “Surprise!”

“What have you done?” he said. “I thought we said no gifts―ever … We had a deal, babe—remember? Remember …?

“Don’t worry, this one doesn’t count,” she said, casually waving it off. “You know how you’re always late, right? Because you don’t ever own a watch …”

He nodded silently—unsure of what to expect. Eva did not do this very often. He was already on edge and a bit moody.

“Well …” she said―pulling out a small, crimson-ribboned, silver-foiled box. “No worries—it’s nothing. Just open it.”

He reluctantly took the box from her—stuck one finger in a loose fold―and tore the wrapping off. Silver sparkles fell off.

Lifting the lid, he saw a silver pocket-watch. He dangled it by its chain, letting it swing back-and-forth like a pendulum, reflecting brilliantly in his eyes.

“I’m speechless,” he said, eyes wide.

“Now you have no excuse not to know the time …” she said—blushing like she had been practicing the line all week.
“No excuse …” he said smiling now.

He wondered how he would ever tell her the truth about his undead origins. He was only too sure, that someday soon, he would lose her forever. She was his gem.

“It’s engraved too …” she said then.

She flipped it over for him to read.

I read in bold: Seven’s Lucky Hands

His eyes brimmed in a special light.

She hugged him very tightly to her.

“I love you,” he said, his eyes wet.

“Why do you cry?” she said quietly.

He could only shake his head now.

“Babe, tears are not good enough.”

He put on a smile for her, unable to reveal his sadness that they might soon both be dead. He wanted to cherish it all.

“Love should be happy celebration.”

“I will be joyous the second home.”

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