xxxiii. Hell Of An Hour For This

xxxiii. Hell Of An Hour For This

A tremendous humming arose from outside, as if a river of energy was rushing over Bane House, like a crackling Sunup.

Songbirds warbled a sharp dismay.

Every window lit up in a bluish blush, as if the Silverskin enveloped all.

Silver mist slipped in under the door cracks—and down the chimney, in through the fireplace. Lady Faye was in House.

“Just clear Her out … Forget Her name … Forget Her face … Forget this place … She feeds off our fear alone …”

Godwin came rushing down the stairs just then—alarmed at the events. He stumbled to find his groggy bearings.

“What in bloody blazes?” he said.

Just then, the kitchen door rattled, unlocked, and Olin and Aly burst in. “Hell of an hour for this,” Olin said, smirking.

“Olin!” Seven cried. “Where did …?”

“Long story, brother … Short reply.”

“Aly … But are you two okay now?”

“We’re fine … We’re survivors bro.”

“But I thought you were upstairs.”

“I heard you last night,” Eva said.

“If you did, that was not me, Eva.”

The humming elevated to a deafening pitch—popping drums one by one. Even as they covered their ears in earnest, it did no good. The vibrations penetrated everything—shutting down their soundscapes—leaving them in muted tension. Reality shifted into a silent film.

Suddenly the front door blew off its hinges, slamming against the far hall wall. It splintered in half and crumpled to the floor, leaving it in panels of broken cedar.

Faye’s silver water flooded the room half a foot deep—swirling with mist, surrounding their ankles. It cast off a light that filled the room with a bright aura—until everything brimmed in a surreal blue.

“What does She want?” Eva cried.

“She’s just jealous!” Seven yelled back. “She cannot help Herself … … …”

“There’s got to be a reason She is upset!” Eva growled. “You must have led Her on somehow … What did you do … ?”

“No! She means nothing to me … I swear! Eva, please … All I want is you. All I love is you. You’re all I ever want.”

“Please you two!” Godwin pleaded. “No time for this! We must make an exit, now. Our time to waffle is just about up.”

Olin stiffened—suddenly entranced―arms falling to his sides. His eyes rolled back into their sockets.

Aly grabbed at him, but he was already gone. He marched stalked toward the door—forsaking all danger for his love.

“Olin!” Godwin barked. “What are you doing? What in a dog’s name do you? Get back here boy! Get back right now!”

Aly screamed. “Olin don’t!” They had already been through so much and come so far, she did not want to lose him.

Godwin leapt into action—grabbing Olin, pulling him back—slamming him against the wall. He held him there, even as Olin struggled hard now to break free.

Godwin got his head down and bulled into him. He pushed with all of his might to get his son under control before Olin crossed that final line into insanity.

“Snap out of it, boy … You’re out of your mind. I may have made you undead―but never forget I can make you mortal again!” he snarled rather savagely.

Olin spat back in a frosty defiance.

Godwin struck him once across hard.

Blood instantly sprung off Olin’s lip.

Olin so froze—but he did not flinch.

Then they all saw him snap out of it.

He hugged Godwin. “Sorry Father.”

He walked over embracing Aly.

“Now keep an eye out―and stay close―everybody …” Godwin primed them. “We must stick together now.”

They clung as one, following father upstairs. Every one of them was thankful for him to be taking charge. For those fleeting moments now at least, each of them believed in Godwin, for their lives.

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