xxxxiii. Horned Huntress From The Brush


Last Chance On Earth

To Be In Love

xxxxiii. Horned Huntress From The Brush

When rounding a baby bend, Seven noticed thunderclouds in the rear-view mirror—and he felt instantly that it was Faye now reappearing. She never ended.

He turned to Eva, but she was fast under again. She was becoming like a switch going on and off. He became desperate to end this endless pursuit.

Darkness overtook them in a heavy curtain. Lightning crashed all around them—into the trees along both sides of the highway—illuminating jagged limbs.

A bolt struck down in front of them. He jerked the wheel one way then another―as they skidded across the right shoulder. He pulled back onto the road.

Eva tossed about like a doll behind her belt. The smell of rubber burned acridly. Smoke billowed and tire shreds whipped about in the rear-view mirror.

The rear tire wheels’ steel rims started to sear across asphalt―sparks streaming out in long arcs behind them.

Thunder pounded the Forest, shaking every crown to the root, relentlessly unsettling the very underbed.

“Seven, st-o-o-o-op …” Eva drawled in her sleep. “Stop …” she said. “STOP! STOP!!!! Please … Stop Seven … Stop.”

“Eva!” Seven yelled. “WAKE UP!”

Suddenly―Eva sat bolt-upright―wide-eyed―screaming: “S-T-O-O-O-O-O-O-P!!! S-T-O-O-O-O-O-O-P!!!”

She slammed hands on the dash.

A deer darted out from the trees.

Seven stomped hard on the brakes.

They struck the fawn and spun about one-hundred eighty degrees before pitching into the ditch. They were not out of the woods yet, immediately so set back.

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