xxxxvi. Old Blacktree Lorded Over Them

xxxxvi. Old Blacktree Lorded Over Them

They crawled on their hands and knees across the sandy flat into the long-grass. They dared not make a sound now.

“Where is She … … … … … … … … ?”

“Let’s go―almost there … … … … …”

They ran the rest of the way down the west bank, checking for Faye everywhere. They look all about madly.

When they reached the path that led around the face of Evyl Falls―Seven espied Draca now slowly snaking toward them, upward from the eastern stream.

“What is it? What do you see … …?”

“Nothing,” he said. “But it’s now or never. It is time to cross the finish line, babe. We will look back soon and laugh.”

He led her down around the ledge—where the Old Blacktree lorded over them, hanging far out over the edge of the falls—like a kindly father. They would jump.

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