On A Ride In The Woods (Bonus Scene)

Seven set out into the woods on Olin’s Harley, cruising the twisted trees through a warm lit morning, trying to shake off the pressure of everything.

He knew it was wrong to bring Eva to French’s Forest, in light of Faye’s twisted ways.

He knew it was un·con·scion·a·ble to allow her to continue to live in the dark as she did.

Yet there was a fourth wall or a final obstacle that prevented him from disclosing the truth.

He did not want to sacrifice their relationship just to set things straight in case the Silverskin became enraged.

The wind tussled his hair as he wound around the snaking lanes taking in the cool morning mist in a somber mood.

The last thing he would have ever wanted was for their relationship to end up like this, where his ex could ruin everything.

Yet she had pressed him for this return to his familial woods, and in the end there was little he could do but comply with it.

Just then up above the rise there came into sight a fawn of supernatural bent standing in the middle of the road just ahead.

He slowed to a stop hardly believing his eyes when a flash of lightning crashed down out of the overcast sky all of a sudden.

The fawn disappeared in the blast leaving but a black stain on the highway and a trail of smoke rising up toward the grey dawn.

Seven rubbed his eyes and tussled his hair, looking all about him, but there was no sign of any other disturbance, nothing off sync.

So he pressed pedal to the floor and carried on with his morning tour, still more rattled by the thought of losing Eva than seeing Faye.

The Silverskin did not scare him anymore, he had gotten over that long ago, but what really ruffled his surety, was her meddling ways.

Eva was the most dear, sweet, kind, loving and gentle person he had ever met, and Faye wanted nothing but to take his new love from him.

When Seven finally pulled Olin’s Harley back into the garage at Bane House, he felt a little bit lightened, yet still fearful of the new day ahead.

He knew by no subversion of the imagination, that they would be lucky to make it out of French’s Forest alive, and if they didn’t, it was all his fault.


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