On Eva’s Inspiration

I first began writing this as a short story around 2005. My then girlfriend at the time was a firecracker. She was sweet as candy if you met her as a stranger or acquaintance at arm’s length, however, when one would get close to her, one would see another side. Perhaps you know someone just like this? Sometimes we tend to hurt the ones we love most, simply because on a deeper level, we know they will not leave us. Perhaps we are testing them. Perhaps we are pushing them to see if they will stick around despite our faults and flaws. Perhaps our insecurities drive us to sabotage our relationships or we simply take our cherished ones for granted too easily.

I eventually broke it off with her after a few years of drama. Afterward she said I was lucky because she would be ‘nice to me now’ that we were just friends. Well needless to say we did not stay friends. But in hindsight many years later I gained a greater perspective from that relationship. I learned that the reason I was putting up with her as long as I was, was because others in my life had treated me similarly prior. I won’t get into that here just yet, but rest assured I eventually realized the entire book was about those who are seething with anger underneath, while putting on a sweet front.


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