On Pacing

Rhythm and meter in fiction is interesting. In this novel, you have many events rapidly happening over just a night. It is a delicate balance to play off a high action and drama evening, against a well developed and intricate backstory, while not dragging too long for flashbacks. I wanted to keep things moving, however, anytime in writing, when you begin to sense the words becoming inauthentic, then you put the brakes on and relax. It has to come from the heart. It has to mean something to you, and offer something to somebody else. There has to be subtext and there has to be action. There has to be metaphor and there has to be meaningless detail and trivia. It has to be an organic, authentic, spider-web world of mayhem and miracles weaved up, where the reader gets caught out for a time, enlivened by enlightenment and escape. I believe writing is the highest form of art.

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