On Seven & Eva


Shock of shiny black hair, tight black leather jacket, tight white t-shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, tiny fangs, slightly pale, very slightly pointy ears (he is half-human half-vampire). His family who he & Eva are going to visit are all full vampires (Seven’s folks Godwin, Marietta & his brother Olin). Seven is human enough that Eva never notices his vampire traits much. He has explained to her that his family are albinos to explain their pale skin.

Seven is an ‘every man’ with hints of the vampire beneath. There is one pivotal scene where he nearly loses it to his vampire urges with Eva in his arms, but he regains control and for most of the novel he is more human than vampire. He grew up adventuring French’s Forest as a young half-vampire boy, only finally to be ensnared by Faye’s evil web. He ultimately escaped however, from his crazy family & from the wood, to find sanctuary in Old York where he built a new life acting as a normal human being, and where he finally met Eva and began a new life. It is only when Eva insists that she meets his parents, and they return to French’s Forest, that the story begins and their lives unravel.

Eva – (Picture a touch of Faye)

Red Hair, Black Lips, Green Eyes. Freckles on the cheeks. Punk style. Piercings (Nose ring. Tongue ring. Ear-rings.) Shiny silver tank top and black leggings, black leather boots. Suede jacket. (Resembles Lady Faye otherwise – except Eva’s ears are not pointy -, as Faye is partly the manifestation of Eva’s subconscious. Faye is also partly the ghost of a dead wood elf from long ago, partly possessing Eva as well as being controlled by Eva’ subconscious. The Silverskin is a supernatural parasitic seductress feeding on Eva’s soul. The two are one.)

On Relationship –

There is a tension between the two, balanced by an intense love of each other. Seven hides his vampire side, while Eva does not even realize she is hiding her subconscious control and will over The Silverskin. On a deeper level Eva understands Seven’s heart is partly owned by Faye, for she is herself partly Faye, and so her subconscious fueling of The Silverskin’s jealous rages are in fact in turn fueled by Eva’s very own jealousies.

Theirs is a twisted embrace, much like the twisted trees of French’s Forest.

Possible Scene:

The action really gets underway after Seven & Eva go for a walk in the woods. At one point a big storm is coming along, so perhaps a full moon, a lot of lightning and silver clouds, with silver mist as the two are standing on the forest path, clasping each other as thunder claps, looking brave and sexy, yet vulnerable and shaken. Faye is beginning to show Her fury.

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