On Sheriff Tony Trollope

Sheriff Trollope is one of those minor bit players that you introduce to provide foreshadowing and act as a necessary fulcrum toward a new leg of the plot, where Seven and Eva eventually are chased by ‘Hellbear’, as is so coined the name of the beast by the Sheriff himself. While the Sheriff never appears again in the story in any very significant event, it being left up to the reader’s imagination as seeing him going off after the bear, to keep the community of French’s Forest safe, it has to be here mentioned that this is not by direct contrivance. Often what happens in the evolution of a tale, through revisions over time, is one introduces new characters in small ways, unsure of how they might be expanded to fit into the fuller picture of the narrative, but with enough certainty that they belong for the time being even as a preliminary cut-out. In other words I could see a future revision of The Silverskin expanding upon the Sheriff, perhaps detailing some aside action scenes with him in it, in order to round out his character arc and flesh out that angle of the tale further. Many of the characters in this novel started out this way over 14 years ago, only to be expounded upon and brought to life in future revisions. To do this all at once is too forced and creates an inorganic flow to the narrative. Each character reveals him or her or itself in their own good time. -RT

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