On The Final Scenes

Nearing in on their final escape, when Seven & Eva close their eyes and jump in unison, landing in the snow, it is meant to be a reminder of their bond. This is a metaphor for all of those relationships out there that began so innocent, yet then scattered to dust and ended so sour. If you can remember how it started, why it began, why it was so good, maybe you can return to those tender entrances to your romance. I would like to think in that moment Eva is finally beginning to disengage from Faye’s influence and remember why she loves Seven so much. She is finally beginning to shed Lady Faye. For the Silverskin is not just Eva’s subconscious, but also a supernatural entity, a paranormal parasite, a ghost from beyond, and from long before, that lurks in French’s Forest, looking for a spirit to become Her host. So In French’s Forest is not just about subconscious sabotage of a relationship, but also, about external, evil forces, actively interested in sabotaging your relationship. Remember your loving heart. RT

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