The Characters

Seven – Protagonist





Eva – Red Hair, Green Eyes




Lady Faye ‘The Silverskin’ & Her Spirit Sidekick Anaconda Draca

Main Antagonist: The Silverskin / Lady Faye – Centuries Old – Evil Hauntress of French’s Forest & Seven’s Youth & Mind – Often hovers and flies in the sky, between the trees of French’s Forest. Takes many forms. Enjoys torturing souls. Craves owning control. Curvy Strong Stature, Sleek Silver Body (sometimes silken, sometimes molten), Black Snake-Like Dreads, Electric Green-Eyes, Long Curling Black-Horns, Full Black Lips, Long Black Nails & Toenails, Hairless Body, Typically Appears Naked, With a Mesmerizing Stare, Seductress Killer Lover Hater – The Embodiement of Evil yet irresistibly alluring to Seven.

Sometimes has blue fire or blue electric fields surrounding her, sometimes appears as Hellbear, or a demonic fawn, or countless other incarnations. (Spoiler Alert: Faye is Eva’s subconscious manifestation. Eva being Seven’s new girlfriend. Seven worries he is bringing Eva to his home woods French’s Forest where his ‘ex-lover’ Faye will cause havoc, not realizing She is actually Eva’s inner mind. The twist ending of the story revolves around Seven nor Eva realizing Eva is actually The Silverskin. The theme of the story is about a two-sided personality, a lover’s subconscious sabotage of the relationship, and one’s addiction to an abusive relationship or devotion to a hateful lover.)

Olin – Slicked-Back White Hair, Vampire Gaunt

Aly – Tom Boy Pretty (Transforms Into Sinewy Lizard Girl)

Marietta – Sultry Dark Vampiress Matriarch

Godwin – Gold-Chain Heavy, Vampire Pirate Godfather

Midnight / Old One – Jaguar / Were-Jaguar – First appears in a painting on young Evan French’s bedroom wall, a painting that was his own work. Thus Midnight is ultimately, originally of Evan’s imagination, but then takes on a life of his own inside the realm of French’s Forest where dreams become real

Hellbear – Hideous Incarnation of Faye


Draca – Supernatural Yellow-Black Anaconda (Faye’s Spirit Snake) – Often flies alongside of the Silverskin, coiling about her body, stalking Her prey for her

Evan French – Key Plot Character

Darkhoof – Demon Horse


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